Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Sara and her daddy, May 1

I just finished a box of Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream. All by myself. 1 liter. I'm in ice cream coma.

In other news; Sara and I are back home with daddy in Bergen and we are all very happy for that. We missed him a lot.


  1. Det har jeg også gjort før. Brainfreeze!

  2. 1 liter!!!
    Man, I thought, I am addicted to the ice-cream... But you killed me.

  3. Jeg er hekta på Mövenpick vaniljeis med varme bær og lønnesirup. Det er lett å bli avhengig. Velkommen hjem :)

  4. Hello Astrid, I like very much your blog, this picture and how your house looks after renovation.
    And by the way, I'm now sharing my daily life (and how my boyfriend and I moved in together and are trying to incorporate our styles) on my blog (in Italian). I tell you because I like connecting: since you've shared a lot about your personal life, I felt like it was time to reciprocate!



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