Friday, 27 April 2012

things I like lately

rocky road bites

- Nikole's home as featured in issue 21 of Covent Garden
- a Saturday morning off (meaning Sara was with daddy) filled with a pedicure, a haircut and a little bit of shopping for little miss S - she grows so quickly!
- Amanda Jane Jones' blog (via Oh Joy!)
- Amanda's A Year In Review
- a new thermometer that shows the temperature both outside and inside (I have a thing for constantly checking the temperature)
- salinas kjeks (salty crackers) with ridderost (kind of like Saint-Paulin cheese) and red bell pepper
- verbena soap from L'Occitane - it reminds me of our honeymoon at Crillon le Brave
- the look on Sara's face when she sees me drinking water
- roses from my husband, just because
- rocky road bites - recipe here, via my friend Hanne


  1. Hi from germany, could you translate the receipe for rocky road bites? Thanks

  2. Oj, rocky road bites ser veldig gode ut. De må vi teste på fredag :)



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