Friday, 20 April 2012

things I like lately

Budapest, april 2011 | Kodak Ektar 100, Minolta SRT 101

- a two weeks Easter holiday with lots of skiing, family and friends
- several firsts for our baby daughter Sara (5,5 months old); first time in a pulk, first time at the mountain cabin, first time being breastfed out in the snow
- Sara's development the last couple of weeks; sitting on our laps, sitting (with our help) and splashing whilst bathing, knee riding, playing with her toes, rolling over from back to belly (so far only once), eating banana
- being offline for more or less two weeks (feels good to be back though)
- this cabinet
- this portrait of my sister Mari
- dandelions (løvetann), lawn daisies (tusenfryd), wood anemones (hvitveis) and lesser celandines (vårkål)
- wearing sunglasses all week - yay! sun!
- shooting slide film (unfortunately it takes forever to have it developed)
- these photos by Hilda Grahnat
- a super happy puppy
- passing people working in their gardens
- passing people having their lunch and coffees outside in the sun
- ordering a subscription to Kinfolk magazine

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  1. And I like you are back. I miss your pictures and posts.



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