Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Stefano shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Stefano?

I shoot film because I like how calculated it is. You really need to think about the photo. As opposed to digital cameras where you can take hundreds of photos on film cameras the number of shots is limited which makes you focus more on capturing those special moments. I started taking photos, like a lot of people today, on a digital camera but I slowly started feeling more attracted to film photos; the way they look, the process behind them. There is nothing more exciting than dropping off some film at the lab and returning later to get it. And that moment, the first time you see the photos for the first time, is fantastic. Possibly one of the best things about film photography is that it feels real, you take a photo and get something physical in return instead of just seeing them on a computer screen. And last but not least lets not forget the sturdiness of old film cameras, the action of putting film in and later taking it out of the camera and the best part: the sound of the shutter.

Come on, what isn't there to like about film photography?

You can see more of Stefano's photos on Flickr.

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