Sunday, 22 April 2012

our Sunday

In the a.m. I enjoyed the look of my freshly pedicured feet whilst Sara enjoyed her baby activity gym. Daddy Sølve caught up on his beauty sleep. PS: Look down.

Sara had her first taste of porridge. She did very well! Afterwards she fell asleep in the Tripp Trapp chair. Was it because of the porridge? I don't know, but she looked very cute.

Sun! So much sun!

I never buy imported strawberries, but for some reason I decided to do so yesterday. They were nothing like Norwegian strawberries, but still tasted quite nice with my müsli, Greek yoghurt and acacia honey for breakfast.

Sara did a little dance with daddy and helped him find tools for some work in the garden.

 Such a beautiful day! Such blue skies! Our purple leaf plum tree is just starting to bloom.

 It seems like most of our strawberry plants have survived the winter. Yay!

One of the parsley plants have survived too. Yay again!

We have one tulip blooming so far.

So much chives!

The irises are reaching for the sky.

Sara slept so well out in the garden. We didn't even have to push the pram.

Sølve went to the candy store and our garden is happy. Next up: weeding and mowing the lawn.

our garden


  1. nydelige bilder, må være ei fin tid! :)

  2. Your garden looks beautiful. I like that last picture with the flowers on the bag. :)

  3. Looks like you had a lovely sunday!

    Sending you greetings from Germany :)

  4. beautiful sunday fotos!

    i want to eat strawberries too! the first one are always too expensive... & not very tasty...

    you have a lovely garden!

  5. Åh, jeg kjenner våren gjennom bildene. Den lar vente på seg her i bartebyen. Sara er blitt så stor. Håper jeg får møtt dere i sommer, vi skal en tur til Bergen i juni.



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