Wednesday, 25 April 2012

everyday life

I guess there will be more of this in near future.

I never tire of seeing the sunset from our kitchen window.

Evening sun light, I love thee!

No need for colorful home decor when you have a little one.

Baby bed linen with history. Hanne gifted me the story of the blue one.

Spicy fruit salad in the making. It was the first time I have used papaya at all. It was rather bland. Maybe it wasn't ripe enough?

Moments later we opened the doors and woke up her auntie.

There is something about those grilling stripes that make the steaks look extra yummy.

Pan grilled steak and spicy fruit salad with fresh coriander - such a super yummy and summery mix!

She fell asleep, right there in the chair.

Whole wheat bread from Godt Brød, toasted, with butter (Kviteseid), hard boiled egg, fresh ground salt and pepper. Yes.

He said the t-bone steak should have been grilled, for real, not just in the grill pan. But the bell pepper was perfect.

I wonder who put them there, those pretty paper water lilies. They made me smile for sure.  

I bought the roses, he bought the tulips. So many tulips! I think he likes to spoil me.


  1. Evening sunlight, colorful striped baby, tulips, steaks, lovely baby bed linnen and all the rest: Perfect!

  2. Dette fikk meg til å savne Godt brød. Spiste ofte boller med vanilje og blåbær der. Og så de brødene da!

  3. Astrid, Astrid.

    Med Olav H. Hauges gode ord: «det gjeng an å leve i kvardagen òg».
    Det ser ut for meg, at du klarar det veldig fint.

    Å. Likar.


  4. Yummy! Grilled steak really is the best but all of those looks excellent. I don't like papaya either, a boring taste - to me at least.

  5. Papaya er sånn - litt emmen på smak liksom. Jeg for min del synes den smaker spy... Men den skal visst være utrolig næringsrik da! :)
    Koselige bilder! Og sengetøyet så knallfint ut! :)

  6. elsker hverdagsglimt!
    og så fint å se en bit av farmor og farfar hjemme hos deg:)
    (enig ang. papaya, blir alltid skuffa. synes egentlig den smaker mest som en vassen body shop-krem, men antar den er bedre i sydligere strøk)

  7. Mmmm, all that yummy food. Your everyday looks lovely!

  8. I love papaya, but you have to let it get super ripe. It's ready to eat when the outside looks quite dark orange and soft spots have formed on the skin and it almost looks like it should be tossed. Then it's sweet and so delicious.

  9. this is a delicious & very beautiful colored everyday life!
    i don't remember ever tasting a papaya...
    the tulips are very pretty too!
    your fotos are so inspirational!




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