Thursday, 26 April 2012

easter, part II

As mentioned, we spent the first part of our Easter holiday at Voss. We were really happy that Sara accepted the pulk, because that meant we could spend the second part of the holiday at the mountain cabin. You see, to get to the mountain cabin we have to ski for about an hour. So to get Sara to the mountain cabin, she had to be in the pulk. She was well bundled up in wool and lambskin, so we were not worried she would get cold in the snow.

As described here, the cabin is small and simple. No tap water or electricity. We melt snow to get water and light candles and paraffin lamps to get light in the evenings. The (composting) toilet is in the outhouse. Maybe a bit inconvenient with a 5,5 months old baby, but honestly, it all went so well. We even brought in* a little bath tub so she could have her evening baths. Sara was as happy as could be, and so were we. By summer we hope she will accept being in a child carrier (bæremeis), so we can spend some time more time at this beloved mountain cabin.

* For Easter we get food and other supplies brought in by snowmobile.


  1. little Sara is already a big adventurer!

  2. You are awesome!!!
    Being with a little one there is a real adventure. Sara is a lucky kiddo to have such brave parents.

  3. I love the pic of the breakfast table, so bright and cosy looking.I always like pics of mid-meal tables. New to your blog, wonderful photos!

  4. Hei Astrid,

    If you ever sell this place, I'll be the first in line to give you an offer ;-) Just kidding, it's a family treasure... however, I was wondering, is there a real estate market for cabins like yours? A 1h skiing effort feels like the right compromise for a "quiet place away from everything".

  5. Hi Astrid,

    I've checked out your blog for quite awhile now and have decided it's about time I told you how much I enjoy looking at your photographs and how you document your life on this blog. So beautifully done and for me very uplifting.

  6. No mountains here in Finland but a lot of cabins like that, and I absolutely love them. I've been trying to convince my husband we really wouldn't need tap water or electricity but his wishes differ to mine a little, so we haven't bought our own cabin yet. Whenever there's water and electricity, the price is a lot higher, of course.

    You are very fortunate to have a place like that! Enjoy! :)



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