Sunday, 1 April 2012

aunt Mari's visit

Kodak Portra 800, Canon EOS 500N

Last Sunday was glorious, today it's snowing. Blah. These shots are from the weekend two weeks ago when my sister Mari was visiting from Tromsø. Sølve was in Germany for work, so it was just us girls hanging out the whole weekend. It was just perfect.

By the way; I'm off for Easter holiday for a couple of weeks. See you later! 


  1. Lovely captures of a wonderful visit!

  2. Girls-Weekend are so much fun! I love doing this with my best friend and her daughter. Her son and her husband spend some time with (my) Himself here in our home: A boys-weekend.
    Have a wonderful easter holiday!

  3. Lovely post, dear Astrid.

  4. Beautiful light. I love tulips, too!

  5. I've just been sitting here, reading back through your posts after adding your blog to my google reader. What a delight. You have reminded me about shooting with film. I found myself thinking, 'Might be fun'. But I wanted to stop by and thank you for the introductions to so many other purely delightful blogs too.
    Thank you.

  6. Your a super! Reading your blog in a while, checkd old posts and projects.
    I like the simplicity you see in things.
    That bed is perfection!
    I fell in love with it reading the renovation posts!
    I'd love to build my own one.
    some advises?
    Have fun

  7. Håper du koser deg på ferie, Astrid, og at du har sluppet unna snøen og vinden!

    Vi høres snart! God klem og påske fra Karianne:-)

  8. love your blog, just had a look on it...and to be honest, I came here because my name's Astrid too!!!!

  9. lovely photos. Your bathroom looks really nice!

  10. this looks like a perfect weekend! :)

  11. wow so many beautiful photos, looks like you had a lovely time

  12. so fresh and clean. you are a big inspiration, Astrid. ;)



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