Monday, 26 March 2012

what's for dinner, week 13

Sunday dinner

Monday: pan fried weekend leftovers
Tuesday: moussaka*
Wednesday: Thai inspired chicken salad with pickled ginger and fresh coriander (inspired by a salad eaten at Bocca restaurant in Bergen)
Thursday:  French bistro salad  (inspired by a salad eaten at Pastis in New York and on page 63 in Sweet Paul spring issue)
Friday: fresh shrimp sandwiches
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables

* We have had a packet of minced lamb in the freezer for ages; it's time to finally make that moussaka (for the first time).

- - -

What we actually had for dinner last week:

Monday: IKEA meatballs with boiled potatoes and gravy
Tuesday: white bean, tomato and feta salad with sausage
Wednesday: homemade lasagna
Thursday: kheema karai from Spicentice lasagna leftovers
Friday: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: rosemary roasted t-bone steak and baked red bell pepper filled with tomatoes, onion, parsley and mozzarella
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: steak with parsley butter and roasted potato and carrot wedges

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