Monday, 5 March 2012

what's for dinner, week 10

Sunday dinner with guests

Monday: homemade fishcakes and a mixed salad
Tuesday: pasta with homemade arugula pesto and chorizo
Wednesday: red lentil soup (a la Orangette)
Thursday: leftover soup
Friday: båttå 
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables

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What we actually had for dinner last week:

Monday: Sunday leftovers
Tuesday: roasted salmon, amandine potatoes and broccoli homemade pizza
Wednesday: red lentil soup roasted salmon, amandine potatoes and broccoli
Thursday: my mum's moose meatballs, boiled potatoes and gravy
Friday: salmon sashimi homemade pizza*
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: first course: salmon sashimi with ponzu sauce, main course: birthday tapas at our friend's place
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: roasted chicken with a chorizo vegetables stuffing, a sauce made from the chicken roasting juices, rice, mango and honeydew melon

* We always make two pizzas when we are in pizza making mode; one to eat at once, the other one is put in the freezer for another happy day.

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