Friday, 23 March 2012

things I like lately

sun! from last weekend, but it looks the same today | Kodak Portra 800, Canon EOS 500N

- print:: a year in film (via the art of seeing things)
- this post by Vigdis + the comments
- lots of sun today!
- my baby daughter Sara (4,5 months old) has started making a new LOUD happy noise
- making ice cream for the first time - so, so simple and quite good when using this recipe, I will make some changes the next time though
- an afternoon with new friends and their babies (barselgruppen)
- doing a bit of gardening at Voss, with Sara sleeping in the baby carrier
- prydelig
- having film developed - my first Kodak Portra 800
- so scandinavian
- this photo by Tim, this by Jess and this by Anna


  1. Astrid, your light! I love that shot.
    And thanks for the tip on So Scandinavian - it looks great.

  2. I have to give you my Congrats for your blog!
    Kisses from Greece (Thessaloniki)!

  3. Å, så koselig overraskelse da! :)
    ha en fin dag!

  4. mer "thnigs i like lately"!
    de er så gode, de listene.



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