Wednesday, 21 March 2012

our renovation | the laundry room


Our new laundry room used to be our bathroom. We didn't do anything at all to this room when we moved in. Well, except from changing the shower curtain.

Construction phase

Nearly finished phase


I love this room! It is tiny but very functional. I get the laundry done whilst watching happy Sara wriggling and giggling on the changing pad. She loves tummy time in front of the big mirror (which used to be in the old bathroom, seen in the top photo). The dryer makes the room nice and warm for Sara's evening bath. We use a baby tub from IKEA that we put on the countertop. It is stored on a shelf in Sara's room. For days when we don't use the dryer, the fan heater in the window sill (which is a bit drafty) gives the room extra warmth. (There is underfloor heating too.)

The drying rack and pole are very convenient for clothes that we don't put in the dryer. The oak countertop is from IKEA and the shelves are made from countertop scraps. There is just room for the laundry basket underneath the shelves.

Next week I'll show you our new bathroom.


  1. Excellent! I love how you can turn tiny little places into useful spaces, I guess I have a thing for organized rooms after all. Loved this. x

  2. Så fint det har blitt! Et skikkelig vaskerom er viktig, synes det ser ut som plassen er veldig bra utnyttet.

  3. Hello Astrid, I'm a freelance journalist living in Rome, Italy. Your blog gives me a lot of inspiration, especially now that my boyfriend and I are in the process of blending our decorating styles (which seems to me quite a challenge!)



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