Sunday, 11 March 2012

just me

from my archives | Fuji Velvia 100, Canon EOS 500N

- taking a long shower without worrying the Sara alarm will go off
- wearing a new-ish shirt that is not very breastfeeding friendly
- wearing my hair down instead of in the usual baby hands friendly bun or ponytail
- wearing my brown winter coat and an umbrella instead of full rain gear
- walking into stores without worrying the pram will bump into something
- treating myself to a cute bunny print blouse at H&M
- enjoying a blissful hour of much needed pedicure whilst reading D2 (a favorite) (the last time I had a pedicure was with the help of small fish in Budapest)
- buying a freshly baked nut bread, some delicious ham and oreo cake to enjoy for lunch at home
- getting lamb shanks at the butcher for Sunday dinner
- finding a package in the mailbox from Caroline Kaspara, aka sovekatt - it's her debut book, Xeroxdager!
- getting comfortable on the daybed with a lovely ham and cheese sandwich and said book
- being totally engrossed in the book when Sølve and Sara come home from a 3,5 hours walk
- happy to see Sølve has bought my favorite ice cream; Mövenpick chocolate
- he is happy to see my little gift for him; season one of Game of Thrones (he is a huge fan of the books)
- I'm happy to see my super cute Sara again; breastfeed her, lie her down on her baby activity gym (she is super happy because of her long nap) and get back to the book
- as Sølve pops the Champagne (just because) I finish the book - it is recommended!

I love spending my days with my four months old baby daughter Sara, but sometimes I need a few hours with just me.


  1. Such a wonderful day!
    Everybody needs a special time only for yourself. Especially a mom of newborn. : )
    I remember about my first months with my son. The long shower was one of the things in the top of my wish-list too. : )

  2. i could use some "me" time.
    when i had reticently an entire weekend, i spent it sanding, varnishing, reorganizing....
    the pedicure sounds heavenly!

  3. I know:-)

    Det er viktig akkurat det der! Veldig fin tekst, forresten. Jeg fikk den være-bare-meg-selv-igjen-følelsen.


  4. Vidunderleg liste Astrid!

    -eg treng også Elisabethtid!

    Klem frå Elisabeth

  5. Hørtes ut som en fin dag. Man trenger litt alenetid/selvpleie :) Og trivelig at boka fikk plass i den dagen din!

  6. astrid, this is all so very good for you; you had your day and you're taking care of you, and actually, it sounds like you all take care of each other. xo, tara

  7. astrid, this is all so good. most of all because you are taking care of you...and actually, it sounds like you are both taking care of each other. and that's the best thing for little baby s.



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