Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Jean-Baptiste shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Jean-Baptiste?

Shooting film has been an important step in my life: it changed completely the way I was looking to things around me.
I like the playful process of film photography. Each roll I load is the start of a little adventure with my camera, and I love this mechanical contact before and after shooting. I feel more involved in taking pictures, and the fact that I don't see the result immediately brings a lot of magic and excitement in this activity. Surprise is very important to me.
On the other hand, the perfection of digital photography bores me, I feel more emotion when I look to analog pictures. The imperfections, the rendering of the light and the colors, are part of a global aesthetic that I'm looking for, not only in photography but also in design or fashion, made of simplicity and honesty.

Photo: my friend Selda taken with a Velvia 100F film

You can see more of Jean-Baptiste's photos on his Flickr and blog.

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