Thursday, 15 March 2012

everyday life

I'm not a vase person; it seems like she knows that. So when she offered it to me, I hesitated at first. When I saw how good it looked against the brick wall, I was sold.

The wood stove makes it nice and warm for her to play on the floor yet too warm for us to wear slippers or socks. We don't mind though; the floor is beautiful for bare feet.

 It was a day for sunglasses and slide film shooting. A good day indeed.

I believe pizza must be eaten in the sofa, not by the table. Right?

I used to hunt for these things. I had a whole band of them. Most of them were returned to the thrift store when I found the perfect one.

One man + one machine = a ton of balls


  1. My hunt for the perfect candle holder is still on... ;)

  2. Fin kasse/bord i gangen :) Hvor har dere fått tak i det?

    1. Det er to gamle fruktkasser satt oppå hverandre. Fant dem i kjelleren i familieferieboligen på Voss.

  3. yes, you are right about the pizza! :)



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