Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Emily shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Emily?

Because to me there is an “essence” to film that seems to capture emotions, there is a depth that seems more real and more beautiful in a film photograph. Life just looks better on film. I find I take my time when using film, breath a little deeper, slow things down a bit more, compose the shot and wait for the results.

Then there is the physical side of the process, choosing what type of film to use, loading the film, the weight of the camera and the noise of the shutter button – a little cliché know, but it really is a wonderful sound!

Of course there is also the excitement of collecting the prints, holding them, the look of the photos, the grain, imperfections and the beautiful soft colours. More often than not, seeing one or two forgotten shots - wonderful moments that I had completely forgotten I had captured.

To me there is something magical about the whole process of film.

You can see more of Emily's photos on her blog and Flickr.

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