Monday, 20 February 2012

what's for dinner, week 8

homemade rocket/arugula pesto is a winner 

Monday: beef stir fry
Tuesday: broccoli soup (inspired by this)
Wednesday: roasted salmon and roasted potato wedges
Thursday: my mother-in-law's dinner
Friday: my mother-in-law's dinner or Sølve's surprise
Saturday: pinnekjøtt 
Sunday: koldtbord/smörgåsbord Astrid and Sølve style (for Sara's baptism)

 - - -

What we actually had for dinner last week:

Monday: asparagus, string beans, spinach and salmon in a creamy sauce + reindeer filet leftovers from Saturday
Tuesday: mushroom soup
Wednesday: roasted broccoli and scampi mushroom soup leftovers
Thursday: broccoli soup spaghetti with homemade rocket/arugula pesto, shredded chicken, green bell pepper, red onion and little gem lettuce
Friday: fresh shrimps sandwiches
Saturday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: homemade fish cakes
Sunday: fish/meat of the day with vegetables: homemade meatballs

- - -

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  1. oh this looks delicious - pasta with pesto is my all time favourite comfort food :-)

  2. I love pesto. I haven't made any for a while, so I must do that. I'm currently doing a cooking marathon today. Pumpkin muffins are currently cooling, then I will make Italian meatballs, pancetta and cabbage soup, and then prepare for tomorrow when I'm making pancakes and a green fruit salad for a friend who is having a hard time.



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