Friday, 17 February 2012

things I like lately

dog sculpture by Inghild Karlsen | Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- this interview with the ever inspiring Brian
- salami, brie and red bell pepper on toasted whole grain bread
- the smell of freshly peeled oranges
- almost over night streets and sidewalks are bare (there have been lots of ice and annoying heaps of snow going on lately)
- a long walk on a sunny day that felt like spring
- shooting slide film
- snowdrops and crocus
- issue 6 of 3191 Quarterly
- Cookies N Beans' version of First we take Manhattan
- this post by Nadja
- getting my copy of my own book everyday stories - I'm so glad I did this project and made this book
- dinner guests on Saturday was the perfect excuse to make oreo balls again
- making rocket/arugula pesto for the first time - at random - and it was delicious
- noticing that it is still light outside at 5 pm


  1. I really love to notice the longer daylight right now.
    Spring must be just around the corner. Hopefully.

  2. I adore the dappled light filtering around the "disco" dog. Beautiful.
    Spring has sprung where I am (Ontario, Canada), and I'm hunting for early signs of crocuses - but it's too soon yet. Such sweet little harbingers of spring!



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