Friday, 10 February 2012

things I like lately

I'm craving something sweet and homemade | Fuji pro 400H, Canon EOS 500N

- cloud pillows (via the style files)
- lonely roads
- seeing butter in the grocery store shelves made me smile (there has been a butter shortage in Norway lately!)
- passing by three shiba puppies whilst out walking
- passing by old men staring at construction sites
- pain au chocolat
- a long weekend at Voss with family
- whilst Sara was out walking with her grandmother, Sølve and I had the first little ski trip of the season - in perfect fluffy powder snow, through snow covered spruce
- Sara has started grabbing the hanging toys on her baby gym
- Ellimor, pottifar... og den lille herskerinnen
- starting a new book - Dan Simmons' Flashback - that is very promising - Sølve loved it


  1. Congratulations that the butter is back Norway! :D
    Have a nice weekend!



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