Sunday, 12 February 2012

everyday stories | the book

Of course I had to make a book of my everyday stories 2011 project! Have a look if you are interested; the whole book is available for preview here.


  1. You look so sweet with your baby - like you are so happy! And your weekday walks with her must be so precious. I am looking forward to cooler weather here in Australia and resuming my walks that go for hours. I have just discovered your book making tips on the sidebar. How very generous of you. I have decided it is my goal to make my first book this year.

  2. These photos made me cry.

  3. så utrolig fin bok astrid. en ordentlig hyllest til hverdagen. håper du hadde en fin første morsdag igår. tenkte på deg.

  4. it looks beautiful, I just love your photos.



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