Thursday, 23 February 2012

everyday life

He told me the stories of their traditional Christmas trips through this fairy tale winter forest. I was happy to finally experience it myself.

 She doesn't say much when we're out driving. She always sleeps.

The daybed is a lovely spot any time of day. It is especially inviting when bathed in bright winter sunlight.

I walked up the steep hill and was rewarded with the sight of the lake covered in dots.

Her cousin was eager to play her. Sara couldn't care less.

I regretted that I hadn't brought along an analog camera. The light and texture of the moss was so film worthy.


  1. Wow, the snow is amazing. Does the dots mean the ice is melting?

  2. Hei Astrid! Jeg liker så godt gulvet i leiligheten deres (og alt annet også!). Hva slags gulv er det? Og så elsker jeg daybed'en. Virkelig nydelig! Har dere bygd den selv? Hvordan er den konstruert? Hilsen trofast leser:)

  3. green trees look great, first seconds i thought they are painted!

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful snowy mountain photos!

  5. lovely set of photos, Astrid! Sara is growing up so quickly! so sweet!

  6. Hei Astrid, kan du røpe hva slags gulv dere har og hvordan dere har tegnet og bygd den fine daybeden? Så fin stil dere har altså:) Birgitte

  7. what a beautiful everyday life you have.
    love the photo of your babies fluffy hood with ears, so sweet.

  8. wow amazing the sigh of the lake covered in dots!!!
    love it!!!

  9. Åj, så fantastisk prikkete innsjø. Og resten av bildene var også fantastiske.



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