Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Emily shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Emily?

Because I love film.

I love going on trips, and shooting with professional-grade film on a manual camera, because - in some ways it's like slipping into the past. That can be fun.

Seeing a new place through an old camera is interesting.

Primarily I am a fine art photographer, shooting the majority my work when I travel. The less well I know a place, often, the better I photograph it. I explore it as deeply as possible, seeping into the culture of that place and blending in as well as possible. Shooting subtly and carefully. Shooting a fairly small number of rolls, but making each exposure count.

I love the sounds my 35mm Nikon camera makes, and the feel and weight of it. I like the challenge of not having a flash, not having autofocus; having to compose something as beautiful as possible in varying circumstances and places.

The texture of the pictures - it's somehow warmer, and beautiful.

The quality of the colors - they can be so vivid and rich. But good black and white film is also gorgeous.

Basically, I shoot film because it's far more interesting, challenging and fun than digital.

You can see more of Emily's photos on her Flickr.


  1. I love that photo and I completely agree with the last sentence :)

  2. I'm a long-time fan of Emily's work! Thank you for showcasing it here!



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