Friday, 27 January 2012

things I like lately

- this small apartment (via)
- Julia's everyday positivity project
- mammadamen's new blog magazine
- season four of Californication
- a successful first solo roadtrip with Sara
- a weekend in our hometown Sandnes
- friends, their new fabulous house and champagne
- Sara talking to her reflection in the mirror
- listening to Sølve sing lullabys (often made up there and then) for Sara at bedtime
- Leila's Beta
- several days without rain - so nice when I'm out on my daily walks with Sara
- like Amanda, Rachel and Jördis, I'm all for bringing back the Flickr love (I wonder if Twitter and Instagram (I'm on neither, and I don't have an iPhone) took away some of the Flickr love?)
- shooting my first polaroids (above) with the camera borrowed from my sister + PX 680 color shade film from the Impossible Project - I'm a total novice when it comes to instant photography, so I'll probably learn a lot from Susannah, Amanda and Jen's book
- a new very green pillow for the daybed - a perfect match for our green Seed lamps
- fresh coriander/cilantro


  1. Å Astrid. Eg er stor fan av: things I like lately!
    God helg til deg!


  2. Instagram tok meg, er jeg redd.
    Tenåringen og jeg poster alltid bilder på Instagram så den ene kan se hva den andre gjør. Hun var med meg da jeg dro med jobben til Køben, jeg blir med henne på skoletur til Paris. Osv. : )

  3. I love your "things I like lately". Especially the one with Sara's talking to her reflection. When I read it I was all "aawww....."
    Thanks for sharing this Astrid!



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