Friday, 6 January 2012

things I like lately

our TV/guest room | Ferrania Solaris 800, Canon EOS 500N
I'm not sure if I like all this grain. There is a 1600 iso film in my camera at the moment - I wonder how the result of that one will be compared to this 800 iso film. 

- a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with family, friends and great meals
- getting back to everyday life
- being out walking with Sara every day, in all kinds of weather (a lot of the wet kind lately...) - I live by the Scandinavian attitude "there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"
- Sara playing with her baby gym
- Sara's eyelashes
- developing some kind of sleep routine for Sara, which means I feel rather rested
- the junior (via Stella magazine)
- oreo balls
- lunch with Hanne and her super charming son Peder
- watching Peder enjoy the oreo balls as much as us grown ups
- season six of Weeds
- shooting film (on a rare bright and sunny day) and having it developed
- this photo by my friend Anja


  1. Love number 3! It's a very different attitude from southern european people. We're so used to good weather that when it rains heavily no one goes outside, unless we really have to. I don't even have a decent coat for the rain- and I should...

  2. ha ha! I didn't realise number 3 was a Scandanavian sentiment too, I know it as a Scottish one thanks to the infamous comedian Billy Connolly!

  3. Hmm...I've been feeling the same way with my photos taken with Ferrania Solaris as well. It's hit and miss lately and I bought a bundle of it! :O

    I too love and completely agree with #3, however I think I'm one of those few people (in Canada anyways) that love Winter! ;)

    Hope you're having a wonderful New Year so far, dear A! :*



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