Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Merette shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Merette?

For me shooting with film has something magical. I've been shooting with film since 2008 and I still get nervous every time I take a trip where I really want the pictures to turn out well. It is the excitement when you get your negatives back and discover that there some gems on it!

I recently started a course that teaches me to develop my own film. I feel at home in the darkroom. Working in the darkroom is a different kind of manipulation than with digital photography. I dislike the kind of photography that is heavily manipulated by post processing.

I remember a friend proudly showed me a picture he took of a pier. He removed the people on the pier in post processing, but for me that kind of unmanipalative human element in the photo is most important.

I like the fact that analog pictures can be unsharp or too grainy. It creates a dreamy effect that I like. I also have a love affair with black & white photography, which just turns out better on film. Digital photography can do cool stuff, but for me true photography will always be analog.

You can see more of Merette's film photos on her blog.

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  1. This photo is gorgeous. I really enjoy all your 'Why do you shoot film' posts, I've discovered so many awesome photographers through them :)



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