Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Andrew shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Andrew?

I purchased a digital camera in early 2011, and was completely nonplussed by the resulting images. Luckily, at about the same time, I was lent an old Rolleiflex by my grandfather, and it was really the gravity of utilizing film, the sensitivity and tenderness of the film itself, that drew me to it. I shoot film now because of what it is, because of what, and how, it captures. A digital camera neatly and cleanly encodes reality with innumerable pixels, saves that as data, and renews itself to encode again. A film emulsion is ruptured by light- that one frame is irreparably corrupted with the scene in front of it, and that little process is, in a way, a very beautiful sacrifice for that moment. Though our digital information, these images-as-data, are a tool for recording reality, (and a very handy tool indeed), they are but a simulacrum of light. With film the light is all there, permanently, having wormed its way through the emulsions, that moment all the richer for what it has ruined. Digital translates light into information. But in keeping the light unconverted, film does something else- it translates life into nostalgia, perhaps.

I think there are beautiful digital images out there, and i look forward to other methods for photography that may be developed in the future, but our eyes respond to the untempered mortality of the images produced on film. I shoot film because film is closer to us.

You can see more of Andrew's film photos on Flickr and his blog.


  1. Gosh, wow! Andrew undeniably has a way with words as well as light... a great answer!



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