Friday, 16 December 2011

things I like lately

Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- bare streets, because it is so much easier to be out with the pram than on snow covered streets (but I miss the snow too, because it is pretty)
- daily walks with Sara
- a long phone conversation with my friend T, who had a baby girl two weeks after Sara was born (her due date was the day before mine)
- first meeting with the barselgruppe at helsestasjonen (a group of mothers/fathers who have babies ca the same age, organized by the local municipal health center)
- ordering my copy of Kinfolk magazine volume two
- Freia Premium dark chocolate filled with chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce
- Red
- after days of wet and grey weather, the sun finally came out today (it really made me want to shoot film - which I haven't done in weeks - but I forgot to bring my camera before I rushed out to an appointment)
- whole grain spaghetti with creamy cheese sauce, shredded chicken, a little bit of salami, garlic and snap peas for dinner (and leftovers the day after)
- suddenly getting a good night's sleep (after several nights of hardly any sleep - Sara loves being awake during the nights)
- a happy, smiling soon to be seven weeks old baby daughter
- your answers to the giveaway (it ends tomorrow)


  1. jeg er så glad i disse hva du er glad i-postene.

  2. oh, please write more of these posts, i love reading your lists.




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