Friday, 9 December 2011

things I like lately

Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- Händel's Messiah
- doing a bit of simple decorating for Christmas
- snow (which I also dislike because it makes it hard being out with the pram)
- meeting people in skis whilst out walking in the snow
- toasted whole grain bread with sliced banana
- leftover pasta bolognese for dinner
- the promo for volume two of Kinfolk magazine
- Jan Johansson's Visa från Utanmyra
- our baby daughter Sara's smiles
- Belgian truffles (from Jacobs utvalgte)
- my sister Mari is visiting this weekend
- season 3 of True Blood
- this photo by Xavier and this by Annie
- announcing a giveaway in this space tomorrow

1 comment:

  1. I'll join you in your love for multigrain toast + bananas and the bolognese too! I only wish I came across neighbors on skiis here in Vancouver. It's bright, sunny and not even a trace of snow yet...



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