Wednesday, 7 December 2011

our christmas

The December challenge over at NIB (Norwegian interior blogs) is Christmas homes.

Here is a (sightly edited) repeat of what I wrote for NIB's December challenge last year:

I have mentioned before that I'm generally not really into decorating with all kinds of knick knacks. I have also mentioned before that I'm not really into Christmas decoration either. We always go home to our parents in Sandnes for Christmas, so that is were all the decoration is happening - which is absolutely lovely.

Our Christmas decoration is as simple as ever: red tea light holders (bought for our wedding), ilex or holly, bowls of clementines and nuts, red placemats and Händel's Messiah on the stereo.

There are more Christmas photos in this god jul set on my Flickr.


  1. These are wonderful, Astrid!

  2. I love that one of your christmas decorations and the lights outside!

  3. I don´t like X-mas decorations either, just something simple. You baby is super cute and I hope a great year 2012 to you and your family : )



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