Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Barbara on motherhood

Barbara is a mother of two.

photo by Barbara

The best thing about motherhood...

is to accompany this human being on its path of life.

That of course includes lots of beautiful things itself:

- that tininess in the beginning and then realising how fast everything develops
- the warm glow around your heart when being touched hearing your child talk, laugh and do silly stuff
- all that innocence of child
- seeing the world again from the childs point of view and therefore discovering lots of lovely details in life again
- astonishment and
- all that laughing... and so on

My advice to mothers-to-be is...

- listen to yourself and act intuitive (there are too many books out there to confuse you)
- get in touch with other moms - motherhood is not easy at all and I believe to exchange experiences helps
- motherhood lets you get to know your limits - it is a lovable mirror and teacher
- keep in mind: you are not only a mother, you are a partner/wife, a sister, a co-worker/boss too
- I like the concept of the "good-enough mother" especially on difficult days: over-parenting (or helicopter parenting) is as bad as negligence it is sad, best is to be a "good-enough mother"
- be proud and love yourself: you are the best mom!

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Barbara is on Flickr; find her here.

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