Friday, 25 November 2011

things I like lately

the best slippers ever | Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- sleep
- our new laundry/nursing room - we use it A LOT these days
- A Merry Mishap
- ert & ris (via NIB)
- Smallable
- MøbelPøbel
- est magazine (via sf girl by bay)
- this post
- cream cheese, salami and cucumber on toasted whole grain bread
- Kinfolk magazine - I got my copy this week and it is really beautiful
- this photo by Shari, this by Lisa, this by Øystein and this by Debbie
- steak and homemade fries for dinner
- baby gifts from our generous friends
- being able to do stuff, for example blog, with one hand (whilst holding Sara with the other)
- fire in the wood stove after a walk in the wet and cold "Berit" storm


  1. I am so glad that you linked to the slippers because I have been noticing them in the photos and they look so warm.

  2. Yes, I remember the one-handed efficiency very well! Now, fifteen months later for me, it's significantly harder to do more than one thing while watching an active toddler. I have so enjoyed reading your blog over the last year--many congratulations on your expanded family!

  3. hi astrid, i'm dita from indonesia. i like to see your blog in my sparetime.nice blog! :)

  4. Hi
    Is the slippers the same as the Glerups you see on ?



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