Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Margrete on motherhood

Margrete is a 33 years old mother of two girls of 3,5 years and almost 5 months.

photo by me

Best things about motherhood...

- The unconditional love you feel for your children. It really is very special, and even though I`m not a very sentimental person, my children has triggered some feelings in me I didn´t know before.
- The wonderful, toothless smile from a baby at 5 a.m. in the morning, when you really are very grumpy. The baby’s face lights up when she sees yours.
- When your child cracks herself up because of a silly dance.
- When your child asks really good questions like "what's holding up the rainbow?”, that makes you realize that your child is a wondering and thinking human being.

There are countless small examples that together make it wonderful to be a mother. Even though my children have made my everyday life more of a rollercoaster than before, things are definitely more unpredictable (and I´m a bit of a control freak...), the highs are so high they easily clear out the lows.

My advice to mothers-to-be is...

- Trust yourself. I know it’s very frustrating at times to get the answer "you know your child best" - when you’re desperate for some help, but it really is true. You do know your child.
- Accept your child for what he or she is. We tried for so long to make our eldest daughter into a child with no sleeping issues. This made every night a struggle for us. When we just accepted that - Ok, she does need time to find her sleep, both in the evening, and during the night, life really became easier. Instead of trying to make her into a dream child when it comes to sleeping, we accepted her struggle to find her sleep. It actually made everything less tense for us, even though it didn’t make us less tired.
- Everything passes!!!!!! Even though it may seem so intense while you’re in the middle of it and you are so tired or exhausted you think "I will never feel rested again" or "I will never forget how tired I am now". But you do.

Being a mother is a wonderful job and I really love it, even though it’s also extremely frustrating at times. And remember who you are in the midst of breastfeeding, diapers and clothes change. I believe that being a mother is just another aspect of me. I think it is important, at least for me, to still be a professional, wife, friend and a sucker for the good things in life, like champagne and good food.


  1. lovely post. i agree that it can be hard, but so can any other part of life. and to see the world again through children's eyes is extraordinary.

  2. Yes i agree too. so many lovely moments as a mother and parent and so many frustrating ones... a continously learning process.



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