Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jeanette on motherhood

Jeanette is a 31 years old mother of one

photo by Jeanette

The best thing about motherhood...

The best thing about motherhood is difficult to sum up, because there is so so much greatness about it. But if I have to pick one thing, I’ll say this: It feels fantastic to get to know all these “new” people:

- Your little baby wonder whom you have been so curious to meet these past 9 months. It is like magic watching your little one grow into a beautiful person.
- Yourself as a mother! I have discovered strengths, grumpiness, wisdom, tiredness, playfulness and endless patience and love, within me, that I had no idea I was in possession of.
- Your partner as parent. I had been with my husband 9 years before we had our child, and I thought I knew him inside out, upside down. But having a child together (who is half him and half me which is totally crazy to think about!) has increased the amplitudes of our emotional bond, also down but mostly up, and taken the relationship to a totally different level.
- Your parents and in-laws as grandparents. You see it in movies and you hear stories about grandparents who go nuts about the little heir, but that doesn’t give justice to how powerful that emotion is. I will never forget my Dad telling me how perfect our son was with a voice choked with tears of joy.

My advice to mothers-to-be is...

My advices to mothers-to-be are a mixture of practical and emotional stuff:

About the newborn-period:
Bring pregnant-clothes to the hospital – your tummy is still pregnant-size for a week or so, although not as tense.
Remember: you are a fantastic mother! You are the best mother this baby can ever wish for! You can and will manage! Be proud of yourself!

After the initial shock of coming home with a baby, and you are just getting into it:
Many people will have an opinion on what you do and don’t, but in the end it is you who is there with the baby 24 hrs a day. So you do what works for you and the baby, and don’t feel bad about it.
This is not the peak time for romantic adventures with your partner… although your increased breast-size could make you think that…

When they start with solids:
Squished banana, avocado and pear - either by themselves or a mixture two and two together, are delicious and nutritious.
Sweet potato or pumpkin or carrot (tastes sweet) boiled with garlic or some other herb, then mashed, has been a great hit.
A liquefier is a must!
The baby-feeder is also brilliant. You put a piece of fruit in the net-pocket, screw the handle on, and ta-daa! The little one can munch happily away on fruity goodness, and mum can relax knowing the baby won’t choke on anything.

When they start mobilising:
We have a dedicated drawer in the cupboard that’s our son’s. It’s filled with his things, like bottles, pacifiers, porridge-packets and other unbreakable things. He is allowed to open and close that drawer and throw those things around as much as he likes, and that makes it easier to say no to all the other cupboards with china and glassware.
But you cannot have things that are too precious within reachable distance. Same with furniture – life is a lot easier if you don’t stress too much if yoghurt or something else is spilled there.


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  1. Loving this post, such a good idea for a series of post on motherhood!

  2. Yes, great idea! And thanks Jeanette!



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