Monday, 14 November 2011

Andrea shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Andrea?

In a time where everything is temporary and soon discarded in favour of a new "better" version and people store their entire lives in hard drives and USB sticks, it makes sense to cling on to something more real. It makes me upset that the majority of the world simply stopped using cameras with an excellent quality to start using digital cameras not better than a phone camera. An entire generation of children is going to have blurry, pixelated childhood photos with low contrast and awful colours. This is a shame.

I like shooting film because it has a depth, texture and colour that I can't get with my digital camera. The results I get with a film compact camera are far superior to those I get with a digital equivalent, and I'd much rather carrying around a little film camera than a massive digital one.

The moment when I fell in love with film again is when my grandfather gave me his old camera, a Yashica Electro 35. Now that he's passed away, shooting with it feels like seeing the world through his eyes, and it's something that I hope I never stop doing.

You can see more of Andrea's film photos on her blog.


  1. Har SÅ ikkeno med dagens post å gjøre, men herreminn så lykkelig du ser ut på bildet sammen med jenta di! Nydelige Sara!

    Gratulerer så mye! Og hils far!

  2. I started shooting film again last month. I like the mindfulness of it, looking in the viewfinder, clicking, sending and waiting for your print to come in.
    A way to step away from the immediacy of our culture

  3. Shooting film rules. I started taking photographs seriously about five years ago, and I did it with a film camera my dad lent me. Then I moved on to digital, and for the past two years I've been shooting mainly with several film cameras, because as Andrea said it gives such depth and wonderful colors that the digital format can't achieve. It also forces you to think more about the picture you're going to take, as you don't have thousands of chances, and having the physical negatives is always a plus since they're not going to disappear as a digital file could. I do think, however, that digital photography has its advantages, but whenever I have to do a photo shoot I rely more on my film cameras than my digital one... In conclusion: yay for film.

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me here! I love this section and I always enjoy reading other people's reasons :)



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