Saturday, 29 October 2011


As some of you already know, I write for a living. I’m a journalist and copywriter; part time employed in an ad agency called AKSO Reklame + freelance. Sometimes I get paid to take photographs too. From time to time I share work I have done here on the blog.

Since I started my maternity leave one week ago, work hasn’t really been on my mind. I prepared these work posts a little while ago, so I thought I would just get them out anyway, maternity leave or not ;-) So, every Saturday will for a while now be about my work.

PS: Click the label “work” if you are curious about more of my work + feel free to visit my work website

March was the time for the first of two biannual so called prisfest (price party) at Amfi shopping centers, and my part time employer ASKO Reklame made this prisfest magazine for Amfi Os.

I wrote an article about how to be prepared for the best prisfest shopping experience. The title is inspired by fjellvettregelene (the Norwegian mountain code).


  1. Hei Astrid,
    Det skjer mye på Os for tiden...
    Nye butikker både på Amfi og sentrum av Os... Du skulle jo fått jobb som skribent her nede på Osøyro hos oss også..;)

  2. Oiii!!!, Jeg skjønner at det er lenge siden jeg har vært på nett når jeg leser "foreldrepersmisjon" på bloggen din. GRATULERER!!! :-)
    Nyt tiden dere har forran dere.



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