Friday, 28 October 2011

things I like lately

a lucky find during our weekend at Fogn | Kodak Portra 160, Canon EOS 500N

- first week of maternity leave
- Sølve cut my bangs for the first time - with success!
- Threading In The Choirs (via that's just it photo)
- the rockstar diaries (via For the easily distracted)
- Nytt Rom-e-5
- HEI! by Una.dos.tres
- amazing autumn weather
- checking things off my to do list
- stumbling upon a free outdoor concert with Hot Club de Norvège
- remembering our absolutely fantastic trip to New York this time last year
- Little Miss Sunshine
- a spontaneous visit by my sister-in-law and my four months old niece
- a song on the radio reminded me of Underground and of how brilliant this movie is
- Me in You by Kings of Convenience, video link via Rick (on Facebook)
- birthdays! Sølve's birthday was on Wednesday and mine is today
- IKEA meatballs, gravy and potatoes for dinner, a guilty pleasure (bought at IKEA and brought home - why haven't we done that before?!)
- seeing The West Wing again


  1. Fiin liste over gode ting! Gratulerer med første veke i mammaperm - det er stas! (Eller, det veit eg eigentleg ikkje heilt korleis er sidan eg berre har fått ungar medan eg har vore student, men håper jo å få ein "ordentleg" permisjon ein gong også!)

    God helg!

  2. Og GRATULERER MED DAGEN!! Hipp hipp!

  3. Happy birthday, Astrid! WooT!

  4. Grattis med dagen som var Astrid. Og med permisjon, kos deg nå før lille jenten kommer. P.S. Hei! Vi liker deg også! Masse.

  5. Happy Birthday, Astrid!! I'm glad you are enjoying autumn--I love it too.

  6. Happy Birthday, Astrid!! Glad you are having such a wonderful autumn. I am too even though we are having snow today, which is very unusual fork this time of year.

  7. outdoor concerts, amazing autumn weather, ikea meatballs and a bang trim = wonderful. hope you had a great birthday! happy belated birthday!



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