Friday, 14 October 2011

things I like lately

Kodak Portra 400nc, Minolta SRT 101

- finally finishing an article I've been working on too long
- this new to me lovely Norwegian home decorating blog; an-magritt
- first Friday night in our "new" home; TV dinner and lounging on the new daybed
- Molly and mav's new project; Paris Diary
- how to make your own favicon
- lots of much needed baby gifts from my generous in-laws
- a very lovely baby gift in the mail from my parents
- pleated string lights (via forty-sixth at grace)
- photographer Pia Ulin's portfolio (also via forty-sixth at grace)
- Convoy (via Pia Ulin), reminds me of JJJJound
- this article in Fin magazine about Linda's style
- the first frost of the season (that I have noticed anyway) and sun
- discovering the concept of compression stockings for my nine months (36 weeks) pregnant so unsexy swollen feet


  1. Hei Astrid venn.

    Takk for fine ord om bloggen min.
    Du har lenge vært på lista mi, og jeg er stadig innom deg.

    Er så GLAD i bloggen din og alt det fine du deler.
    Ha en fin fredag, du flotte kvinne!

  2. I guess people don't hold baby showers in Norway, or do they? Here in the midwest US, pregnant women will often have multiple showers. (One held by friends, one or more held by mother-in-laws.) They can be pretty fancy affairs with incredible outpourings of gifts from friends and acquaintances - like Christmas for the mom-to-be!



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