Friday, 7 October 2011

things I like lately

our homemade table is shorter and had a successful date with the sandpaper and the white paint bucket

- moving in and living in our "new" home for real - finally! (like I mentioned before I have planned some posts about the progress of each room, with before and after photos)
- renewing my subscription to 3191 Quarterly
- dry autumn leaves dancing in the wind
- pouring autumn rain on our bedroom window
- Jane Cumberbatch sneak peek at Design Sponge
- Toast house & home catalogue
- Berg & Berg's fall/winter 2011 collection
- Emma's ever inspiring design blog
- these two new to me lovely home decorating blogs; time of the aquarius (via Emmas designblog) + Fru fly
- link with love (via time of the aquarius)
- mini caramel shortcakes from United Bakeries (their mini brownies are also to die for)
- getting two cookbooks for "free" because of my rather random collecting of trumf bonus
- embracing change and clearing out
- the anniversary issue of Rue magazine
- a quiet moment before bedtime; fire burning, rain pouring and Tord Gustavsen Trio on the stereo
- being 8,5 months (35 weeks) pregnant and still feeling fine - fingers crossed that it continues this way until our baby girl is born
- planning a new giveaway in this space soon


  1. i still like your corner with view, in your "new" home !
    thank you for all the little links here and there. look forward to click on it!

  2. Og jeg gleder meg hjertelig med deg! Takk for fine linker og inspirerende sider. Ha en fin dag, du fine venn.

  3. God helg til deg, Astrid. Takk for spennende lenker! Gleder meg til å se før- og etter-bilder.

    God hilsen fra Karianne:-)

  4. wow, you seem so active and bubbly for 35 weeks' pregnant, that's wonderful!

    p.s.: your house looks very warm and just perfect.



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