Thursday, 27 October 2011

everyday stories outtakes

Everyday stories outtakes from week 42 in October.


  1. It looks like a beautiful week, Astrid. I hope you are feeling good during your pregnancy, so nice of you to make those delicious treats for your office on your last day!

  2. Love the autumn-colors of your strawberry leaves.
    I left my strawberries in their container outside covered with a few fir branches over the hard winter. They were gone first but in spring they all came back. And I had loads of strawberries in summer.

  3. Hej Astrid!
    I just found your lovely blog, lots of beautiful pictures and inspiring atmosphere!
    I myself have a 3 months old babygirl who just got name Astrid :) Great name indeed!

  4. Astrid.
    -er så glad i denne serien din!!
    Så godt med haust!


    Ps: kva er det du har laga vedsida av muffens på bilete nr to? -ser så spennande ut.

  5. those cupcakes look amazing! yesterday, as i was eating what may have been the best cupcake i have ever had, your cupcakes came into my mind; a sure sign yours must have been so, so good.



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