Friday, 30 September 2011

things I like lately

Agfa Precisa 100, Canon EOS 500N

- enjoying as much sleep as possible before the arrival of our baby girl - she's due in six weeks (eeep!)
- Big Mama Thornton featuring Buddy Guy "Hound Dog"
- A Lesser Photographer's manifesto (via Holgarific)
- starting to use the brand new laundry room
- after days of wet and grey weather, the sun comes out and nature shows off its beautiful autumn colors
- the car thermometer showed 22 degrees celcius (!!) when I drove home from work Thursday afternoon - hello Indian summer!
- meeting up with awesome Flickr friends
- having breakfast in the "new" apartment for the first time
- we are so, so close to moving in and actually living in our "new" apartment for real
- this photo by Xavier, this by Michelle, this by Inès and this by Lorena
- these photos by Hilda
- this new to me blog; Hello, I'm Tiger
- Anna Emilia's ever beautiful illustrations and words
- the fact that my laptop wasn't broken, it just needed a new power cord

Tell me, what do you like lately?

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