Friday, 2 September 2011

things I like lately

a june view from our kitchen window | Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

- a Sunday walk in the sun
- a new to me lovely blog; summer goals
- ice cream and rice pudding
- this feature on Jen's beautiful "at home" photos, ps: Jen shoots film
- finish making a new Blurb book - it will make you hungry ;-)
- renovation progress and really seeing the end of it soon
- these colors and textures
- this detail in our old wooden kitchen floor
- our new kitchen bar/credenza
- the sudden smell of freshly roasted coffee as I passed Friele coffee factory on my way home from work
- this photo by Alison, this by Ana Cabaleiro and this by my good friend Woolverine
- the fact that I'm actually never alone now that I'm (7,5 months) pregnant with our baby girl
- reading more of your thoughts on sharing your everyday life

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