Monday, 19 September 2011

Josh shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Josh?

Film was very important to me when I started taking pictures. Like many other photographers in the past and present, I fell completely for the experience of looking through the viewfinder of an old SLR camera - no lights and symbols, just a slightly hazy, rectangular view on the world. I was interested in movies, and knowing I was capturing things on the same medium as the films I loved was exciting. For a novice photographer who appreciates the soft appearance of moving film stock, I think digital photographs can be disappointing, because they just don't look right. If you're experienced, sure, you can get around it with careful editing. An old film SLR seems to do that job for you, and there is much more poetry in a lens flare captured on film than on a digital sensor - although I can't explain why!

You can get by using a digital camera while not really understanding how photography works. However, using a manual film camera with a light meter will teach you what happens when you press the shutter, and how to use exposure creatively. I don't vote in the 'film vs. digital' debate, because both have merits. But if you want to learn about photography, I would say "use film".

You can see more of Josh's photos on his Flickr.

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