Monday, 8 August 2011


Kodak Portra 160nc, Olympus mju

I just wanted to stop by and say hei. I got film developed today and I got my hair cut (same old). I also bought a new Jo Nesbø book ("Snømannen") which I'm very eager to start reading. Right now the sun is shining (it's been very grey and wet lately) and our baby girl is having a work out session in my belly. She gets more and more active every day - and I'm loving it! It's truly magical! I'm really looking forward to the end of the renovation and to start decorating her room. By the way, I'm 26 weeks/ca 6,5 months pregnant now.

How are you today?


  1. You look so beautiful, Astrid. Your day also sounds very lovely, relaxed.

    Here even the sun shines once in a while through clouds, the wind surely carries a bit of autumn on its back. A new season arriving, a bit sad, but change is also good. Waiting the beautiful morning walks in cooler air!

    Greetings from a windy lake.

  2. I'm fine, thank you! Just finished my work-day and while I have a small bowl of cherries and a Pukka-tea next to my laptop I'm reading some blogs, answering some mails and wondering if the summer has left us for this year.
    I've read "Snømannen" a few weeks ago, but boy that was sometimes quite heart-stopping. At least it kept me awake so I could read on.
    I can't believe you are already in the 26th week. Time flies! Hope your renovation is over soon and you can get on with some nesting for the little one.



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