Monday, 29 August 2011

everyday stories, week 34

Monday August 22
home, Bergen

Tuesday August 23
at my friends' place, Stavanger

Wednesday August 24
at my friends' place, Håbafjell, Sandnes | at my parents' place, Sandnes

Thursday August 25
at my friends' place, Ålgård | at my friends' place, Ganddal

Friday August 26
Kaffemisjonen, Bergen | Godt Brød, Bergen

Saturday August 27
home, Bergen

Sunday August 28
out walking, Nygårdsbroen | out walking, Store Lungegårdsvann

PS: Click on each photo to view them bigger | the dinner project 2010, week 34 | the big 2011 renovation | more thoughts on sharing my everyday life

1 comment:

  1. You are SO GOOD at piecing together photos. I mean, I love the photos themselves (and the outtakes!), but the pairs are always such a lovely treat for the eyes. xo



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