Thursday, 4 August 2011

everyday stories outtakes

Everyday stories outtakes from week 30 in July. I'm collecting most of the outtakes in the my everyday life 2011 set on Flickr and some in the big 2011 renovation set.


  1. I am so in love with your everyday stories :}

  2. Så fin og stor magen er blitt! Og så fantastisk fint vær dere har hatt. Jeg satser på en skikkelig solfylt august/september i Trøndelag.

  3. hi, dear Astrid!
    Your home looks wonderful. I can´t wait to see the results.
    I love watching your belly grow and also see your day to day.
    I am comforted after a hard day's work.

  4. I recentley discovered your blog; it's great! Today is a very dark and grey day here; so the blue sky in this post is really nice to loot at :)
    Marieke, Holland



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