Thursday, 7 July 2011

Tuscany | lunch

After the visit at Basile we drove to the little village of Civitella Marittima and had a fantastic (huge) lunch at the charming Locanda nel Cassero restaurant. I would love to go back here!

Rivolta del Cassero; deep fried pancake with bacon and farm cheese - a typical dish for this village.

Pici bugiardo; another typical dish of the area. Pici is the name of the pasta. Bugiardo means "liar"; the sauce tastes like chicken, but there is no chicken in it. All families have their own version of the sauce, often based on other types of meat.

Fennel roasted Cinta Senese (a special breed of wild pigs) with roasted potatoes and mashed fennel (I think).

Semifreddo with pavisini biscuits soaked in coffee and mascarpone cheese on top. And of course a cup of espresso (with sugar for me) at the end.

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  1. you are so lucky to travel so much and know so many cultures...
    very lucky.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I went to Tuscany for the last two summers.

  3. That pasta looks great!

  4. This lunch looks so delicious. Love the story about the pasta called liar.
    And good for me that I had dinner already now otherwise I would be very hungry now.

  5. So beautiful. Tuscany looks amazing.

  6. Your Tuscany photos are beautiful!

    ...and Jasmine is a summer favourite.



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