Friday, 8 July 2011

things I like today

a summer favorite from my film archives, to be found in my new god sommer! blurb book

- fresh Norwegian strawberries on my müsli for breakfast
- singing out loud in the car to an old favorite song; Fairground Attraction's Perfect
- listening to Reiseradioen (a live summer radio program - it's a classic) in the car on the way to work
- finding yet another new outfit in my limited wardrobe - oh my! leggings are comfortable (but it kind of feels like walking around in my long johns, having forgotten to put on a top)
- Brian's series of "home" photos and the rest of the other people's houses project
- seeing the progress of our renovation
- getting a phone call from IKEA saying our kitchen will be delivered on Wednesday
- Amazing Places To Experience Around The Globe
- this home
- Therese Sennerholt's prints


  1. Hei. Jeg vet du har en del erfaring med analog film, har du noen gang fått fremkalt 120mm? Betalte nettopp 80 kr for kun fremkalling av filmrullen, for å få det på papir måtte jeg betale 30 kr per bilde! Høres dette rimelig ut?

  2. i love that home too. that episode of grand designs was one of my favourites.

  3. Hei Astrid,

    I love the prints of Therese Sennenhult... I just can't decide which one is THE ONE for me;).
    Do you know this: I like they're prints too. Have a great summer weekend! Barbara

  4. thanks, astrid!

    (enjoy those strawberries...mmm)

  5. A wonderful list dear A!

    (Now I'm going to have strawberries in my muesli for breakfast! And that travel link is amazing!!)

  6. Hei Miriam. Vet ikke om du får med deg dette sene svaret. Finner ingen link eller mailadresse til deg, så jeg får ikke svart deg direkte.

    Stemmer at jeg har erfaring med fremkalling av film, men 120 mm har jeg dessverre ingen erfaring med. Har derfor ikke peiling på om du har fått en fornuftig pris. Dessverre.



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