Monday, 4 July 2011

things I like lately

Irises in our May garden | Agfa Precisa 100, Minolta SRT 101

- a new to me beautiful Norwegian home decorating blog: Den gode feen
- a new to me lovely Norwegian photo blog: to om dagen
- Pure Green Living Magazine (via Frau Haselmayer)
- Fantastic Frank (via various blogs)
- Kimm's new website (he's such a great photographer)
- Peonies and Polaroids on giving credit
- Kinfolk Magazine and Journal
- shooting a lot of film whilst in Tuscany
- feeling inspired to use jam jars as drinking glasses, like Tara, Jen, mav, Stephanie and Whitney
- wild summer flowers
- my aunt's homemade strawberry jam
- Gossip Girl (I needed a new girly series to watch after finishing Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle and Desperate Housewives)
- feeling my little baby girl's movements inside my belly - truly magical!
- becoming an aunt again - she's our third niece
- Sølve's brother's cat's kittens
- suddenly getting the urge to paint this old side table/night stand (after too many renovation projects I've been really off painting for years) - I blame it on the nesting syndrome
- buying our baby's first furniture; her bed
- standing in the kid's department at IKEA looking at said bed with lots of other expecting couples, all of us looking a bit confused - obviously doing this for the first time - it made us giggle
- our big renovation has started and we have some very exciting plans/ideas for the result
- recent Flickr favorites

I don't like
- the lack of summer temperatures
- rain
- the missing sun

What do you like lately?


  1. Aiiaiai, sommersolen. Den kommer nok snart.
    Gulliver er et fint valg. Den har tålt masse herjing de siste 5 årene i vårt hus. : )
    Fniser litt av tanken på dere to i barneavdelingen på IKEA.

  2. I was in Barcelona last week and we tried a nutella pizza. It was spectacular. I like it a lot. If you try it, perhapsy your little baby girl for sure will dance in your belly :)



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