Monday, 25 July 2011

Sophia shoots film

Why do you shoot film, Sophia?

I shoot film for the excitement and anticipation, and the fact that I can compose and process a photo whichever way I want, but the rest is out of my hands. An element of magic occurs after I press the shutter, and the surprise that ensues fills me with joy. In a fast paced world, shooting film is a way for me to slow down—to be patient and to wait for the results, treasuring what I’ve created. I love film for its imperfections: for the light leaks and the grain, the unintentional lines and the unusual colors. While digital photography is easily manipulated to create desired effects and to mask flaws, film photography requires a certain degree of acceptance and a willingness to go with the flow, finding the beauty in photographs that may not have turned out the way we’d planned.

You can see more of Sophia's film photos in this set on Flickr.

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