Friday, 1 July 2011

random home inspiration VIII

Read the background for this post here. Click on each photo to view them a little bigger.

Edit: Do you live in the Bergen area and need a new wardrobe? Check my ad on PAX skyvedørsgarderobe selges - edit: sold!

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  1. I love your random home inspiration set. I don't have as many magazines as you, but I do have my share. Mine are Architectural Digests from the 70's & 80's and Gourmet Magazines from the 50's & 60's (inherited). I'm old but not that old. I'm thinking of photographing some of my favorite pages as you have done and then find a good home for them. I've used photography to let go of many things in my life--furniture, my Samsonite hatbox luggage, things that are worn out but have played a special role in my life, etc. Your renovation project is exciting--more so with the birth of your daughter as the inspiration. All the best, Pat



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